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Kristie Marie Drewes

What can I say about my shoot with Dan? The question is where do I start?!

I’ve always wanted to have great pictures taken of myself but in my case it’s like when can I and when do I have the time to do it? I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable acting “model ish” to do this?

Well people I’ll tell you this… I am one out going and super bubbly person, that’s all the back up I needed to be comfortable with taking pictures of myself and Dan DEFINITELY helps and encourages that feeling!!!

Our shoot that we did was AMAZING!!! JUST ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Dan makes it so fun and comfortable for yourself that you just start to let loose! I can use so many more words to describe my shoot but you all would be reading and reading forever and that means you would be wasting time not scheduling your photo shoot with Dan!!! :0)

When I saw my pictures after we were done….I was BLOWN away! I was like NO way that’s me?!?!? Yes that’s me and holy crap I look HOT! You see yourself in such a different way versus your normal pictures that’s you take with your iPhone or what ever cell phone you have! I was and still am so HAPPY!

Once you see yourself in such amazing pictures like what Dan did for me and what he can do for you…’re going to be HOOKED, because I am!!!

Get your vogue on and book a photo shoot with Dan ASAP!!!

I’m glad I did!! :0)

Kristie D.


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